Madgas DNA Community

"symbol": "DNA R1B", "image": "", "animation_url": "", "copyright_transfer": false, "address": "0x60e823755a9C4c39673Ad7D2f7a6b19E9F9171e3", "tokenId": 1, "resellable": true, "original_creator": "0x0A3ff803f877D068a9b9b367BdC102FE6167bdE8", "description": "<p><i><strong> </strong></i>A little over half of your income goes toward real necessities (<strong>N</strong>) like food, ethics, shelter, energy, water, climate, soil,etc. If you can’t cover all your necessities with 55% of your income, you need to do one (or both) of these things:<br />1. Simplify your life – Take part in a centralized-Free Community<br />2. Raise a Family in a sound Environment</p>", "fileKey": " of Thomas Charles Voelker.HTM", "title": "Necessities Community Token", "url": "", "apiURL": "WKuBP3C7PnHAG2v8-pGD", "NECESSITIES": "55", "subtitle": "For use with Land Tenure Jar Token", "name": "NEC TOKEN", "category": "Education Token" }