Richard Frank Scheidt

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Francis Bernard Scheidt
1877 – 1964
Susan A. Seberger
1879 – 1969
Peter Cmar
1888 – 1974
Mary Suchorsky
1895 – 1970
Richard Frank Scheidt
BIRTH: 16 Mar 1920 in Indiana
DEATH: 10 Apr 2002
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Mary Ann Cmer
BIRTH: 5 May 1918 in Gary, IN
DEATH: 17 September 2003


Candace Scheidt
Janice Scheidt
Kathleen Scheidt
Denice Scheidt
BIRTH 23 Oct 1954
7th great-granddaughter

Richard Frank Scheidt jdck 1920-2002
Father of Candace Scheidt

Francis Bernard Scheidt 1877-1964
Father of Richard Frank Scheidt jdck

Bernard Scheidt 1844-1900
Father of Francis Bernard Scheidt

Jean “John” Florentius SCHEIDT 1792-1858
Father of Bernard Scheidt

Johan Adam Scheid 5th 312.5 1750-1826
Father of Jean “John” Florentius SCHEIDT

Joannis Michel Scheid 625 1710-1761
Father of Johan Adam Scheid 5th 312.5

Joannes Martinis Scheid 1250 1684-1769
Father of Joannis Michel Scheid 625

Joannes Martinis Scheid 2500 1662-1722
Father of Joannes Martinis Scheid 1250

Peter Scheidt 5000
You are the father of Joannes Martinis Scheid 2500