The Project is for those who want to learn more about Community building and Hugelkultur at the same time. Not only is creating a successful Hugelkultur eco-system important but also doing it by creating a Community based on a cryptocurrency backed by labor and responsibility. Initially the Community building will also be based on the DNA haplogroup family of R1B-L48 s162. Later DNA families will be considered for future land opportunities but for now this project is limited to 200 people which is roughly 40 families to create a Hugelkultur out a desert land on 38 acres in West Texas.

To start this project two Cryptocurrency Tokens were created. One to be used for qualified members to get others interested in the project or future projects and another with less coins to be used as community currency and vouchers that can be redeemed for ETH once work is completed. More work vouchers could be offered later on depending on the supply from the interest and support for the BEP-20 token. The Community Currency will be based on ERC-20 token.

Those who have the BEP-20 Token will be able to gain access to building DNAR1B communities. Qualified applicants can send $40 in BNB and receive 2,000,000 BEP-20 (madgas) DNAR1B coins.

Qualified applicants considered for the project must be a member of the R1B-L48 family. (Either by DNA results linked-DNA matches or Family Ancestry which may include but not limited to the surnames: VOELKER,RUETTIGER,SCHEIDT,MANDELLA

To qualify submit R1B-L48 family proof and once confirmed the applicant will be required to send $40 in ETH to receive 10,000 ERC-20 (Madgas) DNAR1B coins. This will give the member access to perform a weeks worth of required work and once completed ,the Voucher of 10,000 coins can be redeemed for $200 in ETH.

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"symbol": "DNA R1B", "image": "https://d1iczm3wxxz9zd.cloudfront.net/77eb98d8-4f89-4aa7-970d-739ad297739e/5195c433-e443-42b6-91b9-6dfe95e8c68d/1/ITEM_PREVIEW1.jpeg", "animation_url": "", "copyright_transfer": false, "address": "0x60e823755a9C4c39673Ad7D2f7a6b19E9F9171e3", "tokenId": 1, "resellable": true, "original_creator": "0x0A3ff803f877D068a9b9b367BdC102FE6167bdE8", "description": "<p><i><strong> </strong></i>A little over half of your income goes toward real necessities (<strong>N</strong>) like food, ethics, shelter, energy, water, climate, soil,etc. If you can’t cover all your necessities with 55% of your income, you need to do one (or both) of these things:<br />1. Simplify your life – Take part in a centralized-Free Community<br />2. Raise a Family in a sound Environment</p>", "fileKey": "https://download.mintable.app/5195c433-e443-42b6-91b9-6dfe95e8c68d/1/77eb98d8-4f89-4aa7-970d-739ad297739e_Ancestors of Thomas Charles Voelker.HTM", "title": "Necessities Community Token", "url": "https://zildata.mintable.app/WKuBP3C7PnHAG2v8-pGD/1", "apiURL": "WKuBP3C7PnHAG2v8-pGD", "NECESSITIES": "55", "subtitle": "For use with Land Tenure Jar Token", "name": "NEC TOKEN", "category": "Education Token" }

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